Root Beer Glazed BBQ Sliders

Root Beer Glazed BBQ Sliders

Make this Root Beer Glazed BBQ Sliders recipe using St. Elmo Steak House Seasoning, Root Beer Glaze sauce and Vinaigrette dressing.


One 3-4 lb boneless pork shoulder
One 16oz bag cole slaw cabbage mix
Two packages of twelve (12) Hawaiian dinner rolls
St. Elmo Seasoning
St. Elmo Root Beer Glaze
St. Elmo Vinaigrette

For the Pork:
1. Lightly coat boneless pork shoulder roast with vegetable oil
2. Season liberally with St. Elmo Seasoning on all sides. Rest for at least one hour up to overnight in the refrigerator.
3. Cook the pork shoulder in a 225°F smoker, indirect grill, or oven until internal temp reaches 195°F and pork is pull-apart tender.
4. Based shoulder with St. Elmo Root Beer Glaze during the last hour of cooking.
5. After cooling enough to safely handle, shred pork as desired

For the Slaw:
1 16oz bag of undressed cole slaw cabbage
1/3-1/2 c of St. Elmo Vinaigrette dressing
Place slaw mix into a large bowl – add dressing, toss to combine

For the Sliders:
1. Slice rolls in half. Lightly toast under a high broiler.
2. Add barbecue pork, dress with more Root Beer Glaze and top with slaw.

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