The World Famous - St. Elmo Cocktail Sauce™


From our steakhouse to your house, now you can enjoy our fiery cocktail sauce. Each 12 oz bottle delivers a horseradish laden punch that you have come to know and love. Serve it to your guests at home, send it as a gift or simply enjoy for yourself.

Also available at any Harry & Izzy's location and St. Elmo Steak House.

Product should be stored cold and not left at room temp longer than 7-10 days or it will begin to lose spiciness.
If stored cold product typically has a best-by date of approximately 6 months.

NOTE: Total Order Minimum is $15. (Including Seasoning, Cocktail Sauce, and/or Gift Cards)

Free Shipping at $35 (excluding gift cards)

Orders received by Midnight on Monday, Dec 19th be delivered by Saturday, Dec 24th or sooner. (Provided no errors or delays at USPS)

Gift Cards typically take between 3-5 business days to arrive. (Slightly longer during Nationally recognized holidays)
Our Price: $9.00